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Meeting All Five of Your Dogs' Five Welfare Needs

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Prey Drive

With versatility at the forefront of our brand identity, we are proud to boast a product that benefits oral as well as physical health.

Though a little morbid, our squeaky balls are reminiscent of injured or frightened animals thus provide a healthy outlet for your dogs' prey drive.

While most ball toy launchers use cheap tennis balls ours are designed for the heavier chewer, clean plaque and promote oral hygiene.


Our dog ball launchers will satisfy your dog's natural hunting instincts and provide a healthy outlet for their prey drive.


Doggy dental nubs clean plaque from gums and teeth thus promoting oral hygiene.

Ideal For Bored Dogs

The Five Welfare Needs

Everything we sell serves to benefit at least one of your dog’s welfare needs. Hover your mouse on the images to your right and click on the button below to learn more.


Dogs require the freedom to run, play, chase, dig and jump. When a dog’s behaviour is restricted, it is likely that their mental health will suffer.


A suitable diet includes feeding appropriately for the pet's life stage as well as feeding an appropriate amount of food to prevent malnourishment and obesity.


Every dog owner has the responsibility to protect their dog from injury, suffering, and disease as well as to provide treatment if they become ill or injured.


Every dog owner has the responsibility to ensure their dog has a comfortable place to rest and hide as well as sufficient space to exercise and explore.


Dogs are social animals and this means that they like to be around other dogs and have lots of attention from their human counterparts.