Be Canine Kind


Who are Perky Tails?

We are a family business committed to developing unique canine enrichment products and pride ourselves on items that benefit physical and psychological welfare in dogs. As a team of dog owners and dog lovers, our first priority is quality educational content. 

We have a regular blog and podcast segment that is geared towards this and welcome the opportunity for dog owners, experts, and enthusiasts to contribute.  Together we can create a like-minded community and help one another learn. Above all else, please know that we have your best interests at heart and are always here to help should you need us.

Core Values


We promise to maintain a close relationship with you by listening carefully and responding positively to your needs. 

By creating meaningful relationships with customers we strive to become indispensable as a service provder.


Our product catalogue is small but expanding – we value quality over quantity and strive for innovation. 

Our obsessive focus on quality lends to a  standard of excellence you are unlikely to find elsewhere. 


We are consistent in our application of outstanding customer service and hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Customers trust us because they know we are reliable and understand we have their best interests at heart.