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Interactive Dog Toy

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A bored dog left to their own devices is certain to make their own fun and often this manifests as destructive behavior. As owners, we have a responsibility to our dogs (and to our furniture) to provide mental stimulation. While there’s no substitute for quality bonding time and regular exercise, dog puzzle toys offer the best alternative. Our dog puzzle toy stimulates the problem-solving area of your dog’s brain, challenges your dog cognitively, and helps to curb boredom. Owners that fail to provide adequate enrichment risk their dog or puppy developing undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, and jumping up.

Each package contains:

  • 1x Interactive Dog Toy
  • 1x Health Dog Treats (100g bag)


A bored dog left to their own devices is certain to make their own fun and often this manifests as destructive behaviour. As owners, we have a responsibility to our dogs (and to our furniture) to provide mental stimulation. While there’s no substitute for quality bonding time and regular exercise, dog puzzle toys offer the best alternative. Our dog puzzle toy stimulates the problem-solving area of your dog’s brain, challenges your dog cognitively, and helps to curb boredom. Owners that fail to provide adequate enrichment risk their dog or puppy developing undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, and jumping up.

Each package contains:

  • 1x Interactive Dog Toy
  • 1x Health Dog Treats (100g bag)

74 reviews for Interactive Dog Toy

  1. Weekes

    Not the best out there

    Really good for our puppy however, on the first use the light came out of the device and our puppy had a hold of it. We then had to get it off of our puppy as this is a huge choking hazard but also really dangerous.We’ve kept it out of the device. A bit disappointing really that within 5 minutes something that shouldn’t have fallen out, did and could have caused serious harm to our 5month old puppy.

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  2. D. Taylor

    Top marks for a great toy

    I bought this for my little Shorkie {Boo} for Christmas, wasn’t sure if he would like it as he doesn’t really bother with toys much, but WOW, what a success! He was curious about the flashing light at first, but when he worked out sweeties came out of it he fell in love!! He now taps away at it and it keeps his interest up for ages, even when empty. I’m so pleased I bought it and from a splendid, friendly seller.

  3. CJ

    Fast delivery really good toy!!!

    My little fur baby loves this, it keeps her busy, she was quick to learn she had to bounce it back and forth!. Really good to keep their minds active.

  4. Mark Shepherd


    Keeps my dog entertained

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  5. Sue

    Great toy to keep my pup amused

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Great toy to keep my 6kg Pomeranian amused! I think for big dogs it could easily get broken though.Unsure how to clean it as it doesn’t say in the instructions.(The light does work in the video it’s just the toy is just stuffed with food!)>>> Important to note!! The sucker on the first few uses is really sticky so I wouldn’t put it on anything that could easily be damaged!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Fab toy for the pooches

    Great buy

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  7. Domino

    Like the idea, but my dog is able to remove it from floor and chew in his bed

    How do I keep the item fixed to the floor as my cocker spaniel manages to walk off with it and takes it to his bed and chews on all of it.

  8. JB

    The best toy I’ve bought for my 4 month old terrier.

    This Waggy Tails treat dispenser is wonderful! My 16 week old Welsh Terrier absolutely loves it, it’s so much fun that he plays for ages with it. It also helped when he started to refuse his kibble, we just put it in the dispenser and he gobbled up every piece he managed to get out. It’s also great fun for us to watch him! I’ve spent a lot of money on toys for my puppy but this is the best.

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  9. Rosa

    Fun and practical.

    A great fun product that keeps my dog occupied. Only one disadvantage is that once positioned it cannot be moved around. My dog loves it.

  10. Juliet

    fun but its over in minutes

    Arrived promptly and was well packed. it took Elsie (my dog) about 3 minutes to work out how to play with it and she loves it.The down side is that the hole is quite big and even big treats fly out and empty the top quite quickly so the game is only a few minute long.Elsie has decided that she loves this toy.

  11. Olivia G

    Love this!

    This is a great little toy my toy poodle cross loves this I put treats in it every day and she works hard to get them out!

  12. prisoner x

    Worth getting

    Its nice to find something a bit different from the usual dog toys and this is fun. Most treat dispensing toys dribble the treats out in front of the dog, this one shoots them out at speed in random directions as the toy bounces around on the spring and my dog thinks thats great. Attaching the base to a tray was simple, push down and flip up a lever, and its stable enough to be bashed around by a Staffy. I haven’t tried attaching it to anything else so can’t comment on that. One slight issue is it can only take very small treats, smaller than usual sized kibble which is what we usually use for treat dispensing toys, but there are plenty of decent healthy treats that are smaller sized, or maybe puppy sized kibble would work. I personally don’t think the lights and bell in the toy add anything for the dog, thats possibly more for the humans so it wont matter when the light stops working. The fun part for the dog is bashing a toy on a spring that then wobbles around and tosses out treats, and having tried this toy with my dog I now think there should be more dog toys involving springs!

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  13. Jane


    2nd update – well what can I say my puppy is now 14 weeks old and she has managed to sheer the spring from the base, the toy just isn’t tough enough for a Golden Retriever. Update- puppy now 13 weeks and loves the toy, but to my alarm the flashing light which in my opinion is just for the humans has come out of the toy, luckily I managed to get it before the puppy, I dread to think what would of happened if she had eaten it. Manufacturer either needs to make light fixing bigger so it can’t get through the hole or not put it in!!!! Got this for my 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy, thought it would entertain her for a while, unfortunately only keeps her entertained for a minute or two. It maybe that her attention span is very short with her being so young, this might change as she gets older. Great entertainment for her human family though. Puppy kibble fits easily.

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  14. K. Maitland

    Great enrichment toy!

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My Watson loves this and we have been using this for over a year now – it is sturdy and to my surprise has never sprung off the wall lol. Watson the Warrior is used to enrichment games so they need to not be too simple, but he also gets bored quickly – this is perfect for dogs to use their brain as they can nose it or use their paw. Highly recommended to tire your dog out and enrich their lives!

  15. Douglas Easson

    Our dog loves it

    We bought a new one because the previous one got damaged didn’t know whether we could get a replacement

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  16. Sophie Howarth


    Great toy, does exactly what it says!

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  17. Kimberley Hunter


    Received really fast it’s fab makes it exciting and my 9month old pup loves it ❤️ highly recommended hours of fun and an excited pup she’s an old tyme bulldog so really big and strong toy is highly durable

  18. katy

    Very unique and different!

    I bought this as found it different as my dog pretty much has every toy going! And I’m overwhelmed as my little dog absolutely loves it! Took her few hours how to work out how to get the treats out but once she learned and mastered it she is well a way! So if you fancy something that is different then try this toy! My dog keeps on at me to put biscuits in! Thank you from one happy dog owner and her dog! ???

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  19. Lesley best


    As a dog trainer I’m always looking for new and interesting enrichment toys and this has been a huge hit with my own gang of dogs and lots of customers are also now buying. Love it!

  20. JoJo

    Very well made

    Strong robust toy. My small dog loves it. Rings a bell and flashing lights when moved. Very good suction and lever lock. Treats do need to be small.

  21. Kieran greenhalgh


    We have received the interactive treat toy and Luna absolutely loves it 🙂

  22. juby

    Fun toy, small treats only

    The light isn’t fixed in the toy and wasn’t working, however, Dave (perky toys) showed excellent customer service by promptly replacing item. The dogs lived the toy, although the hole means you can only put very small biscuits in it.Would probably be better suited to cats and their smaller biscuits but overall a good purchase.

  23. Patricia Baker

    Ideal present

    I brought this for a gift and they said their dog loved it x

  24. rachel hale

    Only good for tiny dogs

    Far to small

  25. Kylie

    Fantastic brain game

    This toy is amazing. I have 2 Jack Russell puppies and they love playing with it. I’ve taken to putting their dried food in there. I only let them have this for supervised play. The product is well made and I would highly recommend

  26. MT

    Great toy!!

    Best toy for doggoShe loves itEven without treats in she plays with it

  27. Karen Goodall

    Interactive entertainment

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My dog is such a diva! He has no time for plastic squeaking toys or soft chewy ones. He is entertained by interactive activities. Took him no time to understand the concept. He is around 8kg and gentle so spring and light still work after around about a month. Must complement the suction, very sturdy. If your dog likes interaction and something more than a standard toy give this a try. Inexpensive for what it is.

  28. jenx

    quick to work out and smaller than expected i wish there was a choose of sizes

    I have a whippet who is useless at these kind of games but when I stuck it to the door it was worked out and empty in seconds, but ones I stuck it to the floor by her bed its taken a lot longer to empty as she has to work harder, its smaller than it looks which is a shame and the treats need to be a decent size not to be empty with in seconds but I am thinking about getting a few more to dot about the house as even though shes 9 she can still be very naughty when im out!

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  29. J. Shraga

    Not great

    Great little device but after a few prods from my Dachshund he managed to get the light section out and are the rubber surround thankfully dropping the battery and lights !!!!

  30. Amazon Customer


    Dont bother the treats do not fall out easily and the dog just bites it off the wall

  31. mick crain

    arrived early with no problems

    well made great price the dogs love it

  32. Donna R.

    Good toy

    Really good productDog liked it once the got the idea of what it was for


    Breaks easy at base

    I have bought 3 of these toys up to now, my dog Loves this toy, but she has broken 2 snapped at base as you can see on my photo.I have 1 spare but that is it, I can’t afford to by these all the time even though my dog Loves it & I like to see her happy playing with it!

  34. Abbs

    Not fit for purpose

    DO NOT BUY! The dog pulled the top of it off in about 2 minutes flat and broke it. Total waste of money!

  35. Alex

    My dog loves it!

    My dog got addicted! He loves moving it around even if there are no treats inside! It looks durable – I have a large dog and he lives to destroy his toys but this one still stands!

  36. S M

    Sucker doesn’t work and falls down but my puppy loves it anyway

    The sucker to stick to the door/floor stopped working the same day we first used it. My 11 week old westie puppy is pretty small so not sure it would withstand a medium or large dog at all. My pup still loves it and rolls it around when it falls off the door/floor hence still 3 stars but it isn’t very well made

  37. Kirsty Thornton


    Beau really loved this treat dispensing toy, a real success!! The sucker didn’t stick for too long, probably due to the surface but would 100% recommend this item

  38. Julie

    Highly recomended

    Amazing company, lovely to be in contact with them, highly recommended

  39. Laura

    Best enrichment toy ever!!

    This is my second one of these for my 1 year old puppy. This one was bought as a spare as she loves it sooooo much!My puppy is such a fussy eater, she can go days without eating but since getting this she can access it when she wants and eats so much better.My puppy has so much fun with this! It’s great to watch her. She worked it out really quickly and now pushes it to the floor before jumping back and chasing all the food that’s been thrown from it. She loves it and I can’t recommend it enough. Best Buy ever!!

  40. Matt P

    Brilliant toy and customer service

    Really good product, sturdy and loved by my cats and dog. Keeps them occupied. Had an issue with the parcel getting lost but David at perky tail toys was amazing and helped me out with this.

  41. Beans123

    Dog mental stimulation

    Perfect for the size of my dog. He loves it and keeps him busy for half an hour. He is very clever when it come to treat toys. I only had to show him once how to knock the food out of it. I also love that it has a disco light in it.

  42. Alex Brown

    Love it

    My dog loves it! Great purchase

  43. Rhiannon Harris

    Ok but broke easily

    Dog loved it and it was really fun, but he broke it the second day… he’s a 1 y/o cocker spaniel. Feel like if he could break it that easily it wouldn’t suit a bigger/stronger dog. Had it not have broken I would have been very happy with it as he enjoyed it while we were there but broke it when I left him with it for work. Arrived on time though.

  44. ziggy1056

    Would not buy, waste of money, concept good but poor quality and things need addressing

    Adhesive on base is very sticky and leaves residue on the floor, its really not re usable and the light does not work.Dissapointed for a £9 toy

  45. Kev

    Quite small so doesn’t hold a lot of treats

    Bought this product to try and keep my 8 month old puppy entertained. It has worked but probably better for smaller dogs and puppies.

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  46. Sheloko

    Very successful with some dogs

    After a slow start one of the dogs now loves the puzzle. The other one is scared of it!

  47. tracey

    Brilliant little toy

    Bought this for my 14 wk old French. Took him a while to figure it out, but now he goes crazy when I get it out. The only downfall is, you have to keep topping it up once they know what they’re doing

  48. Barking Mad

    Use Small dried tid bits for this game as wet treats will clogg it up

    My dogs love this game erred on the side of caution at first but once they realized sweeties were on offer there was no stopping them …a good fun game, but obviously under supervision ..

  49. Xyz456

    Great entertainment for your dog

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     My 10 year old Jack Russell loves this new toy. Plays with it long after the biscuits have gone.

  50. Julie Brady

    Very pleased with the product

    Easy to used

  51. Kindle Customer

    Stimulates and rewards with food toy.

    This is a really good toy that gives rewards for playing with it . My dog is an old lady and was wary at first, then ended up sleeping under it. Sturdy and moveable , tried several locations before found one that worked for us. First class idea .

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  52. JackR

    Highly recommend

    Excellent toy, top quality I have two dogs and they both really enjoy playing with this.Especially when they know they can get their treats.

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  53. dawn barrett

    Great for spaniels or smaller dogs

    I was concerned my doofus would try to get the bell or light out as she breaks most this, gave to a friend who had a cocker and she said he had great fun with it,still not broken and he still plays with it now

  54. A. Manion

    Great bell and light

    We humans love and dog loves the treats but she is scared of toy since it bopped her on nose. Sure she will get use to it

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  55. Amazon Customer

    I’m unsure if it will be suitable for large dogs.

    Pup loves it! Spends ages bopping it with his nose! He hits it from side to side.

  56. adam p

    Fantastic product

    Great product and really quick delivery.My dog loves it, keeps him entertained for ages, great size of product.Great value for money

  57. mathew


    Very good

  58. Nick Davison

    Very small, quite flimsy, good entertainment, not safe to leave with dog

    The toy works as expected, you attach it to the floor and your dog pats it side to side for treats. Problem is, that this is a lot smaller than we realised and the whole bobble ‘device’ can fit inside a medium dog’s mouth (issue 1). The plastic looks ready to crack under a gentle bite from the dog, meaning it is not a safe item to leave with the dog (issue 2). Soft food items do not work as they don’t fall out of the holes, only works with dry spherical food (issue 3).Overall it’s not a bad purchase, but it is not one you can leave with your dog or get too much use from.

  59. cartoo

    Play toy

    The puppy loved playing with this toy.

  60. Gillian Griffin

    Really good

    Really sturdy little gadget. My little dog loves it keeps her busy for awhile. Would recommend

  61. Ellie

    My pup loves this. She barks at it. I think she thinks it’s alive

    My pup loves it.

  62. M L Sparrow

    My pup is loving this so far!

    My pup (an eighteen month rescue) really enjoys playing with this. She has quite a lot of interactive games already, but none quite like this. She cottoned on how to get the food out fairly quickly, but the flashing light, jingling ball and erratic movements have kept her entertained and makes it a little different to her other toys. Also, the sucker on the bottom is super strong and I’ve used it several times and it’s still sticking really well. My only worry is that the top part with the treats doesn’t seem very securely attached to the spring – it hasn’t broken yet, but I can see it happening…

  63. Petra

    Really good value for money

    Absolutely love this toy. Sticks to.the floor really well and my dog loves it. Really good value for money

  64. Katie arblaster

    Great item

    My dog loved this item was funny to watch him in action

  65. Louise Broughton

    Super toy for puppies and all dogs.

    A super toy that amused not only our puppy but our twin grandsons. Highly recommended and very good value for money.

  66. Megan

    Excellent for strong bigger dogs

    Excellent toy! The suction base is excellent, very difficult to dislodge by my dog, we haven’t managed to get it to stick to a wall for long (however it is covered in dog hair now so that might have affected it!). The end can be unscrewed and turned on it’s side to make it easier to get the treats out (As pictured). Not easily chewable, would be improved if the head was slightly bigger to fit more in, otherwise amazing toy!

  67. Mrs. S. A. Lynch

    This item looks to be excellent value

    This is one of my puppy’s Christmas present so he has not used it but I can see him having hours of entertainment from it.

  68. Grace Vaughan

    Good to entertain dogs

    Good toy to keep our dog entertained. The light inside it keeps her interested but not for too long. The sticky bit is strong enough to keep it in place even with the dog hitting it a lot.

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  69. T. Powell

    nice and quick delivery, training my dog beautifully, so cute to watch!!

    my dog loves it, and taps it with his paw to get biscuits. lovely toy

  70. Kaz Luck

    Never Used

    We bough a selection of items to help with our dogs boredom are surgery meant she could not go out for a few months.The plastic on this is thin and brittle looking, the dog was crush this in a few minutes, shes only a puppy and destroys the super tough toys so this would not have stood a chance

  71. miss g m lansbury

    Older dogs like it too

    I forgot that my older dog loves any toy that moves and this one also fed him, so , puppy did not get a look in!The puppy has not got the patience yet to work out the ball, but my older dog loved both toys.

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  72. Jane Hay

    Fun for me and the dog!

    Simple treat dispenser – not too bulky and easy to use. Fun to watch our dog getting the hang of it – she quickly learned that sticking her tongue in the hole didn’t work!

  73. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Great product, got it for puppies first Birthday, he absolutely loves it! Stuck it to the wall, stays on amazingly. He often goes over to it to get his treats, sometimes when it’s empty too. I think he just likes the bell ?

  74. Ms. S. L. Conlan

    Great for small dogs

    Great, my little dog loves it and it takes her a while to get through her bisquits. Would give it 5 stars but the holes are set size you it’s not possible to make the game easier and then harder. My little dogs bisquits had to be cut in half for her to be able to get them out. Not sure I need a flahing light in it but it does slow the bisquits which is helpful for my rather frantic dog. Would definately buy again

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