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Dog Ball Toy Set

Dog Ball Toy Set

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Squeaky toys resemble the sound of a scared or injured animal, which activates your dog’s hunting instinct. This is why some dogs won’t stop playing with squeaky toys until the squeaking mechanism is broken (or they have “killed” their prey). Though a little morbid, squeaky dog toys are the best way to alleviate boredom and reduce behavioural problems in your pet.


Dogs and puppies (large and small) use their mouths and teeth to explore and learn more about the world. This is makes chewing a natural behaviour and should be encouraged with canine enrichment toys. Our dog balls are intended as a chew toy and provide mental stimulation in dogs while offering a safer alternative to harder toys (which carry the possibility of tooth fracture). Although there is no such thing as indestructible dog toys, our dog balls are manufactured using tough and durable rubber. They are designed to decompress and stretch upon impact thus making them soft on your dog’s mouth and effective at cleaning plaque from teeth. All in all these dog balls are among the safest canine enrichment toys.

All owners know how hard it is to find strong toys in the pet supplies marketplace. Items advertised as indestructible are actually made of cheap materials and are not fit for purpose. When seeking to buy tough dog toys for your pet you should opt for a large dog ball, made from high-quality rubber. A rubber dog ball will be softer on your dog’s mouth than other tough dog toys while remaining strong and durable. Each of these balls measures over 4 inches (10cm) in diameter making them perfect for all large to medium-sized dogs. Large dog toys are also reccomended for smaller destructive dogs because they are harder to bite and chew.

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60 reviews for Dog Ball Toy Set

  1. Kay Copestake

    Durable, fantastic quality.

    Excellent quality toys, the squeaker is concealed so the dog is unable to chew it and my 5 month StaffyXRhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd has destroyed many a toy and these seem to be holding up well. He enjoys playing with it too, finding the soft spikes soothing on his poor teething gums. The ball itself has a good, loud squeaker and bounces really well. The only slight thing about it (and this is being extremely picky) is that it collects fluff, dog hair easily so needs a quick rinse every now and again but I would certainly buy them again if I needed to however I feel it could be a good while before I actually need to replace them.

  2. M Coutts

    These REALLY ARE chew resistant

    Our young labrador consistently destroys 95% of the toys guaranteed to resist her very strong jaws. (The victims include some of the leading international brands claiming to be insuperable). The Perky Tail balls are one of the very few exceptions. She plays with one of them constantly and it has survived all her munching. It’s also her favourite toy. The product the market has needed for years.

  3. me

    Doing the job!

    Bought for German Shepherd puppy who is teething. They appear to be standing up to the tough wear and tear he is carrying out on them! They keep him entertained for a long time and haven’t shown any sign of falling to bits yet, unlike the Kong Tennis balls that he originally had.

  4. Sindy

    Well worth the money

    Great product arrived ahead of time. Great size and my boy loved it. There was also a very nice man on the phone when I accidentally left a review meant for another seller

  5. Trisha

    My dog loves these balls

    Having read most of the reviews, I decided to go ahead and order. Very pleased that I did as my little Jack Russell cross absolutely loves them. They are larger than I would usually get for him, but even so, small enough for him to grab hold of and play with. Also, harder to get lost because of the size. I would definitely buy them again.

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  6. Jane

    Perfect for the active destroyer of toys with an incredible bounce

    Absolutely perfect for my young very playful Labrador X who is also a destroyer of toys. He is delighted with them. Perfect colours and size and they have an incredible bounce and with the added bonus of cleaning his teeth. Worth every penny. Please make more products. Highly recommended. Fabulous value for money.

  7. emma west

    Potential danger with pieces coming off

    A section came off all of them didn’t last long

  8. SBM

    Really great!

    These toys are brilliant. Bigger than I expected and my dogs love them! Very sturdy.

  9. Alison Stewart

    So far so good!

    Normally my terrier is a total ball destroyer but for some reason he loves playing with these balls without chewing them. Maybe it’s the size as they are bigger than tennis balls or maybe it’s because they squish satisfyingly. All in all the best balls I have found for a heavy chewer!

  10. N L Haley

    look good but didn’t last long

    These balls looked really amazing but unfortunately I don’t think they are suitable for large breed dogs . My collie who is renowned for breaking balls / toys broke one within a week and unfortunately swallowed some plastic from the ball. I would recommend them for non aggressive chewers dogs . It is a shame as the look of the product was good .

  11. Tracy P.

    Super bouncey balls

    My dog loves these balls!!

  12. Vytautas

    Good quallity

    I had issues with delivery, but supplier solved all issues very quick. Balls are very good quality as well as a price for me.

  13. Elizabeth Downing

    Tough and durable

    Great product – amazing quality – indestructible – our boy loves his

  14. Shelagh G.


    Came earlier than i expected and so far our golden retriever hadnt wrecked them loves to play with them usually balls are distroyed fast so am hopefull these last the course of the coronavirus outbreak as they were bought to give her excersise at this time

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  15. David J. Plant

    Not durable enough

    Bought for my young GSD. Lasted about half a dozen 10min play sessions before two of the balls were damaged. The centre squeak section has popped out of the main ball. They are now useless as a ball toy. Not worth the money. I have just read another review that had the same problem.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Happy dog

    Very good quality toys. Just what a bored dog needs when we are In lockdown. thankyou

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  17. Dan

    Best buy

    My pooch loves these. Bought the 6 months ago and he still carries them around, every day.

  18. Miss Georgina


    My boy loves these balls! They’re massive and perfect for his big mouth. He’s an English mastiff so little balls are no good.Big dog so needs big balls!Highly recommend.

  19. Amazon Customer


    Brilliant product and seller

  20. Kimberley Hunter

    Awesome and high quality

    I purchased these balls 6 weeks ago and 1st one going strong still and my dog is 9 months old and a heavy chewer destroys every toy in mins but not this one. Highly recommended definitely great value ❤️

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  21. Helen17

    Great for a big dog

    My Labrador loves spiked balls. These are a really good size for a large dog, most are just a bit small and she can chew them with her back teeth, but not these. I was a little surprised how big they were when I opened the box, but now I think they are just perfect. You get 3 balls, 2 blue and 1 yellow, so although at first glance you might think you are spending a lot, they are really fantastic value. Highly recommend them for anyone with a large dog who is a chewer

  22. Janet Anderson

    Dogs love this ball!

    My dog loves it! Especially the loud squeak it makes :)Gave one to the puppy next door too and he’s the same 🙂

  23. Mrs. Ann Walker

    the balls are bit too big,but it was what was in stock only.

    the dog loves the squeaky balls, its just a pitty that my dog is a X jack rusttle and patterdale which makes the ball look like a beach ball in his mouth.But never the less he loves it think its a great buy.

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  24. Petra

    Really durable

    Absolutely brilliant. My dog loves them. They are really durable and the squeak is brilliant. Really good size

  25. stripie

    Strong balls for heavy chewers

    I am not normally a review writer but this type of dog squeeker balls are tough and will last a long time even for heavy chewers. In my view this type of ball is probably the best on the market for dogs certainly the best that I have found either in the shops or online. My GS dogs go daft with them until they are actually destroyed and end up in the bin or more often thrown out the window into the garden because I can’t hear the TV. Well worth the money for my dogs love them, most balls you get in the pet shops don’t last very long but these do even when the squeeker go’s they retain the air and are solid and good for use. They do occasionally split down the seam time to replace them. A good buy and I don’t think you can go wrong even with a heavy chewer

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  26. kevin moore

    Good purchase

    Excellent quality and very durable

  27. Amazon Customer

    Did not last two days

    Gave one of these to my dog yesterday and it was broke by todayMy dog is a heavy chewing but these balls are meant for that, was left with what could have been a choking/blocking hazard

  28. Charlotte gough

    Excellent customer service for sorting problems

    First set got broken very fast. The squeaks went and the dog broke them open. However I must say customer service is very good and they reached out to me and sent a replacement set. So far so good- time will tell.Excellent customer service though.

  29. Suze

    My dog absolutely loves them….

    Really pleased. These balls are superb for the price.

  30. Kieran M.

    Brilliant customer care.

    I bought these balls for my Labrador cross Spaniel.Within hours one of the balls failed as described by other reviewers.I contacted the seller who replaced them by the next working day & has also promised thathe will send another set when the manufacturer sends the revised product.I would recommend this company to all my friends & family!!

  31. Frankie

    Can i get replavement ?

    After just an hour two blue balls bursted open … no squeaks any more either . Very disappointed me and the dogs too

  32. Joe Horn

    Sqeaks break very quickly. The balls themselves seem pretty sturdy.

    Our whippet cross broke the squeak in 1st ball within 10 minutes and another went the same way after 2 days! We haven’t given her the 3rd ball yet.

  33. howling wolf

    very poor

    they all came apart within minutes the tops just popped open and the sqeakers i dont know were they went i told the seller who replaced them but same happend .

  34. Christian T.


    There very big for the small too medium sized dogs my two Staffies struggle too catch them. Ideal for the bigger dogs

  35. Karen Louise

    Good quality

    Good quality, bright and attractive balls. Larger than expected. The dogs love them.

  36. MK


    One of the best dog toys/chews that I have found on the Market.VERTUALLY indestructible !Highly recommended.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Happy dogs, happy owner?

    My order arrived the day after it was placed, well early. Normally my dogs manage to destroy their toys within minutes but having given them two of the balls to play fetch with and bouncing them for them to catch amazingly they are still intact. As they are slightly larger than a tennis ball they are unable to get them right into their mouths and chew them. All in all I would recommend these and will certainly use this seller again when I need to replace the balls.

  38. E A Massey

    Great balls

    These are fab! Our welsh Terriers love a squeaky ball but they usually last 5 minutes or they get lost in the river. These are a little big for them but they can still carry them and squeak them. As they float no lost balls yet! Bit of an overpowering plastic smell when you open box but give them a quick wash with detergent and fine. I’ve only given 4* for durability as we’ve only had them 3 days

  39. Charlotte Spalding

    Excellent balls which my dog cannot destroy

    My GSD pup loves to play with any sort of balls but also loves to destroy them. These are really good and although he has broke the squeak in two of them, the blue ones?? (which isn’t a bad thing) they are still going strong. He has tried and tried to rip them apart but does not succeed. Money well spent

  40. Amazon Customer

    100% recommendations

    The longest lasting Squeaky toy that I have ever bough for my Border Terriers …Toys normal last 10 mins max and they are broken .It took 7 days to get it out and that ball is still in tack .

  41. Michael

    Great for the dogs of all sizes


  42. MG

    Brilliant for a big dog

    Buddy the German Shepherd loves playing fetch but does tend to destroy balls quite quickly ( especially enjoys eating the tennis ball style ones ). These balls are fantastic – super bouncy, tough enough that he can’t seem to kill them and quite easy to get the ball off him to throw again. He also enjoyed trashing the box to get the three balls out when it arrived.



    My dog loves playing and chasing these. They seem nice and story so time will tell.Definitely will buy again

  44. Pen Name

    My bulldog loved these

    My dog loved these sadly two out of three didn’t last that long

  45. ANDREW

    (5 STARS ) I would recommend these to any dog owner

    These balls are fantastic nice bright colours they are really bouncy definitely value for money come in there own box. My dog has been playing with them since they turned up. They feel quality. I’m a very happy customer and so is my little dog many thanks to the seller.

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  46. Maria Kauser

    Would recommend!

    Fantastic set of balls for dogs, squeakers are good and great size for my Akita’s!

  47. A. Morris

    Happy dogs- excellent survivability

    Our dogs (flat coated retrievers) are destructive chewers, but after a week the ball is still complete and functional – which is a first. Would recommend.

  48. Reyha Palmer-Purcell


    Good sturdy balls however they are very large I have a small terrier who only just manages to carry them around in her mouth but she really likes them!

  49. christine rogerson


    i have a bordeoux dog and other balls dont last her 5 min. I her these for Xmas and she still has one left

  50. Jan

    Played with and not destroyed?

    So far so good, one of my dogs can destroy an indestructible toy or ball in seconds. These are still intact and he loves them.

  51. Scarelyquinn

    Excellent toys! Puppy loves them.

    I thought I was crazy for spending this much on dog toys. Turns out that these are well worth the price. Our lab can usually destroy ‘tough ‘ toys rapidly but she’s not even left a mark on these. Buy them, you will not regret it.

  52. Michelle W.

    happy dog

    perfect size for my big dog he chews through every toy i buy him he has had it for 4 days now and still going strong he loves them

  53. Amazon Customer


    Unfortunately our Labrador destroyed the first one in less than 10 minutes !!And punctured subsequent balls within the same time frame… have now refused to let him have any more unless having training session .

  54. Susan Anna Davies

    These toys seem robust!

    I am now retired but my life’s work has been in and around dogs, training and behaviour. I was police dog section and then ran my own business. I still own dogs, Dutch Shepherd, GSD mix and a Patterdale Warrior. I have always used interaction as a means to Motivationally interact [teach my dogs]. I must have used nearly every toy designed to be used between dog and human that there is. I have to say these Perky Tail Toy, Multi Purpose Ball Toy Set really seem excellent. The dogs love the product in its own right, due to texture, squeak, squashiness. However they are enjoying the retrieving games as well. I always condition my dogs to pick things up and bring them to me, which is an absolute nuisance some of the time with some of the things they insist they give to me!! All 3 are sleeping soundly now having been out this afternoon playing hide, find and fetch. This is also a great way to introduce influence or control, as one tasks the dogs to lay down as one hides the toys, then send them together to search. They love the competition working as a team. I thoroughly endorse these toys. The thought that has gone into them, especially the colour scheme so the dogs eyes can see them.Regards,David Daviesformerly of Happydogs Northeast, and David Davies Dog Training.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Made to make the fun last

    Bought this as one of our dogs Christmas presents. Bought as we needed for its durability, thickness. She usually destroys most of her balls eventually.Love the colours and that the small spikes help with cleaning her teeth. She loves the squeak and has hours of fun.Great value for money and will last. A lot of thought has gone into making this product thank you ??❤

  56. James Mcquade


    Good value

  57. Ms A Banks

    Really bouncy and strong, great for larger dogs!

    Great sized balls for my GSD, he got so excited when I got them out. Really good bounce and the noduled texture is obviously enjoyable! They’re his ball of choice from his toy box! Customer service is excellent too. Would use this company again and recommend to friends.

    2 people found this helpful
  58. bob

    Great value for money

    Great value for money would defo buy again

  59. G

    Great fun

    My dog loves these, bigger than I thought

  60. Kindle Customer

    Value for money

    They last very well the top pop’s off after a while but I have a heavy chewer

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